CirkusMania In English

Stockholm’s new circus festival
7–16 2020

The first edition of CirkusMania took place in February 2019, presenting nine performances and a photo exhibition in eight venues spread over the Stockholm region.

In Stockholm there is a growing audience and interest for circus, but there has been no circus festival. With the support of the Swedish Arts Council, Subtopia had the opportunity to develop a concept of collaboration between venues and artists, in order to present circus on a wide scale and local geographic spread.

The idea of CirkusMania is that venues and other programming organisations sign up performances or other circus related events, which altogether constitute a festival program. No centralized selection or curation is made; all performances and events that fulfill certain criteria can take part. The target audience of CirkusMania is audience in the Stockholm region – and the program is also communicated to Swedish and international industry professionals.

Participating venues and programming organisations are themselves responsible for the implementation of their program on organisational, economical and technical levels. Venues and organisations that present program pay the artists a fee or shared ticket income. Artists who themselves organise a venue keep their ticket incomes. CirkusMania offers no fee, and claims no ticket income. There is no fee to take part in CirkusMania.

CirkusMania can be understood as an umbrella, offering overall marketing to audience in the Stockholm region and also to Swedish and international industry professionals. CirkusMania´s coordinator will work for the program to be spread over the festival week and over the Stockholm region, as well as supporting diversity in the whole of the program. Artists looking for a venue can be listed in a compiled document that will be shared with venues looking for program. If needed, some support to artists and venues can be possible, based on individual agreements. CirkusMania will also organise a meeting place for festival participants and visitors.

Read about what CirkusMania offers
and the criteria in this guide.

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Deadline to sign up performances
for CirkusMania is 15 October 2019.

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CirkusMania is communicated and coordinated by Subtopia.
Coordinating producer and contact: Louise Ideberg. Question can be asked to